SUM IF Anaplan


hi there,

I would like to build a report which would basically be a P&L where I display the cost per segment in 1 table.

My segments being a grouping of a list (departments):

my "base" P&L looks like that:

and the report I would like to build should look like that:

The idea would be to fill in the cost lines (Human Resources, Contractors and Services, Legal, Consulting and external, Equipment & Office, Software and Other IT and Other costs / Income) of the report to sum them up if they belong to the segment.

What would be the equivalent of a SUMIF formula in Excel?



  • Misbah

    Equivalent of SUM IF in Excel is SUM in Anaplan. But I don't think you can use SUM directly. You need to segregate the number in source module by these different departments first. Example, If is HR then data else 0 and then use SUM.

    Hope that helps,


    Miz Logix