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I'll try to put this in excel to describe my problem better. To explain the excel better, I have Region and Status title at page selctors, I have line items in column and Org L1 at Rows. Now Line item 1 already has a formula and its summary method is formula too. In line item 2, I want sum of only positives of line item 1. In line Item 2, I used formula - if line item 1 > 0 then line item else 0 but it needs to have summary method as formula for it to work, it doesn't give me required numbers at Bottom Levels if I use summary method as sum. Now since I use formula as summary method because Line item 1 top level has -80, I get line item 2 top level as 0, but I need 260(Sum of all positives from line item 1). Been trying to achieve this since days now. Any help would be appreciated


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  • HimanshuRaj
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    @megha09 You need to create line item 2 staging and use the same formula that you used in line item 2 with summary method as formula and then in line item 2 - refer the line item 2 staging in the formula and set summary as sum.

    That should fix it



  • @megha09 you are doing it right. Same formula as you said If line item 1>0 then line item 1 else line item 2 and keep summary as sum. it will work and you will get sum as 260. You can refer the below screenshots

  • megha09

    Hi @Himanshu1998 @AkhilEmmanual Thanks for quick response. I have tries these solutions already. the thing is when I select my region selector which is at L3 level to a L2 level item or even for status title, it still shows the same sum, if i use both of your suggested methods. Its because the summary method is sum it is summing it up at those level to. I don't want that. So lets say my Region selector is set to some item from Region L2, then my Line Item 1 numbers will change again. I ll need sum of positives from those numbers now.