Will change in code disturbs the data it holds?


I have a numbered list and a hierarchical list that holds important data. Now I have a requirement to update a few existing codes of the lists. I tested using a dummy list and the data was not changing.

Want to double-check with the community if I change the codes of the lists mentioned above lists hope It will not disturb the existing data it holds in all the modules.



  • Hi @Arnab116 ,

    I have tested with few dummy list:


    Data has not got changed for the product 'Gauva'.
    However, if logic or imports are based on code then that might be affected.

    Hope this helps :).


  • @Arnab116 It depends on the Import, how the import has been set up. If it has been set up on CODE then it will create new entries in the list and if it is on NAME then it is going to update the CODE. In any case it is NOT going to change the transaction data in the module. For more information read my article here



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