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I have a sharepoint with product images. I have managed to create a line item with the link of each product that it is working.

When i publish the line item in a table, where i want to see the product and its image, i have no problem. But not everyone sees the photos!!

Someone has had the same issue? any clue on how to solve it?

(We are all members of the sharepoint)

Thanks in advance ! 😀



  • Venki9902
    edited June 2023

    Hi @MartaAsensio ,

    This issue might be due to access to SharePoint, are the other members can able to access the link without the Anaplan or do they have access to the folder of sharepoint where images are present?


  • Hi @Venki9902

    When they go to the module, and click on the line item with the url, they see the photos. So the link works for them, but not in the dashboard.

    The only difference between they and me, is that i am a workspace administrator.

    I have also to add, that they used to see the photos like a week ago !


  • Hi. Why not use the new image store functionality? It's likely that there's something changed security wise at your company to have caused this.

  • I am encountering this issue with sharepoint as well, with some users able to see images from sharepoint and others not (even though they can click through to the actual URL without a problem). The image store functionality is of limited use where the image is context specific so I am keen to hear if anyone has found a solution.

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