Getting error while using Auth API



I am trying to start exploring SCIM API.

I am following instructions for BASIC Authentication

I am using insomnia to send POST request<user:password>

but I get following reply back

"statusMessage": "Missing authorization header. Verify the header."

Any idea what I am missing,



  • Hello,

    The error message Missing authorization header suggests that the request you are sending is missing the required authorization header. Make sure you include the authorization header in your request which contains the word Basic followed by base64-encoded string of your username and password.

  • anirudh

    Hi Sagar,

    Can you send a post request at the URL without the <user:password>

    and also send an Authorization header with the following string:

    Basic <base 64 encoded credentials>

    If your Anaplan login is with password as Password123. Use base64 encode ( )

    and get the string

    And pass this as the authorization header (screenshot from Postman)

    let me know if that helps!

  • Thanks @anirudh Your instructions got me a step ahead from where I was stuck. But I get Authentication failure error. I made sure my user id and password are correct (logged into front end using it). Also made sure encoding is correct.

    Not sure if this has to do something since I am using Amazon Single Tenant which has a different URL then rest of Anaplan's customer.

  • anirudh

    Hi Sagar, yes that's the problem! The authentication APIs for basic authentication work only for non SSO users; ie, users who login via the Anaplan login and not via another sign on platform. Any chance you can create an exception user with the SSO box unchecked? Or else you will have to authenticate via certificate

  • We do use SSO but I am an exception user.

  • anirudh

    Alright, in that case are you sure that the base 64 encoded string is username:password, including the colon character in between the username and password. And are you using the front end login via and not another URL

  • Yes to both of the question. One thing like I mention, since I from Amazon. Our login link is different from rest of the Anaplan's customer. I noticed this first time when I went through level 1 and level 2 training and was not able to download example models provided in the training.