3.3.6 Activity: Test the Shipping Cost Formulas

I am stuck! My Confirmed PO Delivery and Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt are not updating correctly. This also seems to be part because when I Override the shipping Method, the Final Shipping Time in Weeks is not updating. I have attached screen shots of my module and formulas. Any guidance is much appreciated!

Lesson Example

My Module and Formulas:


  • Hi @MikeCrippen

    I think you should try this formula "IF NOT Submit Purchase Order Request? THEN 0 ELSE IF Override Suggested Order Amount? THEN Override Amount ELSE Suggested Order Amount for the Month" in the Final Shipment Amount.

    Hope this helps you

  • @Hrutuja Dalvi Thanks for your response! That updated the amounts. For some reason my Final Shipping Weeks are not updating when I override the Shipping Method?

  • Hi @MikeCrippen Can you please share the "TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week "module view and also the formula which you have applied to the Final Shipping Time Weeks

  • Hi @Hrutuja Dalvi thanks for the quick response. I have attached screen shots of how I have the module pivoted and the blueprint.

  • @MikeCrippen This module seems to be fine, In Final Shipping Time Weeks formula are you looking up to the Final Shipping method..?

    Because to get the value we should lookup the Product Product and Final SHipping method

  • Hi @Hrutuja Dalvi this is my formula for INV01 Final Shipping Time Weeks: 'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Shipping Time (Weeks)'[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product, LOOKUP: Shipping Method]

  • HI @MikeCrippen please try this "'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.Shipping Time[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product, LOOKUP: Final Shipping Method]".

    The formula should refer to the Final shipping method.

    Hope this helps:)