Anaplan Percentage Format Issue

Hi All,

I am trying to calculate the Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in Anaplan and I am getting a 100% instead of 1%.

Here is the formula logic in excel =((Z84/C84)^(1/23)-1)

The first value is cell=(C84) January 2021 value = -167,217
The last value is cell=(Z84) December 2022 value = -136,485

The Cost values go across January 2021 - December 2022

In Anaplan used this logic :-

End Value = December 2022 value = -136,485

Starting Value = January 2021 value = -167,217

BB CAGR = POWER(End Value / Starting Value, 1 / 23) - 1

In Excel it resolve to -1% throughout the line item which is expected, but in Anaplan I get -1 but when I format the to percentage then it changes to -100%.

Please does anyone knows why it does that and how can I make it to show -1% instead of -100%. Please this is urgent for me, any help will be appreciated.

Number format

But when formatted to percentage, it shows -100% instead of -1%


  • Hi,

    I doesn't seem to come from the POWER function as it works for me:

    Are the 2 values (-167,217 & -136,485) referring to the same month in your module?

    Could you please share a screenshot with: the starting & ending value line items and the formula using Power?


  • Hi @innocent

    Anaplan considers -1 as -100% only. So, if the desired answer is -1%, then divide the final "-1" CAGR value by 100, which is -1/100 ( -0.01), and then try to change the format. Which will give you -1% when changed format.

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