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Hello, I also have a question concerning assignment. I don't understand how it can be possible that an account may have more than one territory assignment. The account is unique and we assign a territory for it or change it but it remains only one territory by account from my understanding.

Could you please explain what I misunderstand ?


  • Hi!

    Multinational customers can exist in more than one territory for some companies, depending on the particular planning task.

    For example, companies that do work with, say, Amazon, will probably look at (some kind of data) related to Amazon by territory or region, etc.

    Is that what you're asking?


  • Thank you @PaulRitner for your answer. Does this mean that an account can have several locations ?

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    Hi @christine,

    Hope this below thread will help you :)


  • Yes, an account can have several territories/locations!

    Venkatesh's link above is exactly what I was suggesting.. good example!

  • Thank you Venkatesh and Paul. I'm sorry I'm not clear enough. My issue is not how to find a technical way to identify the multiple territories and solve the case but how it could be possible that an account (which is unique I guess) with a location (which should also be unique) can be assigned to several territories ? At what time or in which process is it possible to have several assignment ? Does the account appear several times ? in several locations ? for different years ?


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    Hi @christine.mollard,

    Since it is related list it is not possible for years. For all the other questions it is possible.
    for years we cannot exactly say. Forget about the technical part.

    Let's assume you are in one project you are also working on some project right.

    To identify uniquely, others can refer that Christine is working on the XYZ project or Christine working for the ABC project.
    and Identity here is the project and your name right but Christine is a single person.

    Hope this helps :).


  • Hi!

    In my experience, the only time an account/location combination can exist in multiple territories is if the owners of each territory have distinct objectives that don't generally conflict. For example, each territory might be responsible for selling different products to the same company/location (I have seen this a couple times). If the responsibilities are different, now we are talking about a company-location-product combination (as an example)… not just company-location.

    I have seen a couple companies where its a free for all: even though sales reps are assigned a geography, they are free to poach clients from other territories… in this sense, the rules governing client-location assignment to a territory break down.

    In terms of Anaplan Hierarchies, I've always used hierarchies where the account would appear under each territory its assigned to. Sometimes its the actual "opportunity" that sits in the Territory (with account being an attribute of the Opportunity), and not the actual account per se that sits under the Territory.

    Does that help?