Summary method - Ration to Sum

Hello community,
is there any possibility in anaplan to retrieve data from line item defined on ratio on summary method[As source] to line item with sum in summary method [target]?
Any help or suggestion?
Thank you


  • Hi @Sem ,

    Could you please elaborate on your question if possible with screenshots?
    So that it will help us to solve your question at the earliest.


  • @Venki9902
    Kindly find the attached screenshots
    1. On child level
    2. Summary method
    3. On parent level

  • Hi @Sem ,

    I have tried to replicate your module and I am getting results as expected.

    I have just applied the target line item in ration,what are you applying in the ratio?


  • @Venki9902 sorry maybe i didn't provide enough clarification kindly note that the source line item is ration but referenced on the formula of two different line item e.g: A/B

    On child US level we do have 0.00% ,on the parent level Americas we do have 9.05% etc those line items shows the result they are summarize as either formation or ratio but on sum we do have nothing at all as results.

    Thank you for your attention and help to this matter

  • JMVasicek
    edited June 2023

    Hi @Sem,

    If I understand your question, you're asking whether it's possible to use the sum summary method by referencing a different line item which has Ratio summary method (the numerator of which references a different line item). Is that accurate?

    If that's the case, I don't think you're able to do that without changing the formula for LineItemSource to be equal to Bonus / Salary. This is because the ratio only applies at summary levels, not the lowest.

    Is there a reason you want to keep the formula for LineItemSource empty, as opposed to making the formula Bonus / Salary?


  • Hi @Sem ,

    Screenshot1: child level

    Screeshot 2: Upper Level:

    This kind of result is expected only because you have not entered the data in the child level and have given "ratio " as a summary method for "Lineitem source" and for "Lineitem formula you have refered "Lineitem source" and summary method is formula so because of that you got whatever there in "Lineitem source" and in the "Lineitem Target" you have not entered anything in child level hence it didn't take any data from child level and data is getting at upper level(because we have used sum as Summary method).

    Hope this answers your question :).