Not able to run the 'Create' action

There are Create actions in my model, whenever I click on any of 'Create' action, this Run button gets disabled automatically for all Create actions, however I am able to run Import , Export actions of this model. I am Workspace Administrator and have full access to the model. Please suggest if I am missing some access here.


  • Please check the DCA for action. Sometimes in new ux the DCA is applied on action button. Hope that helps you.

  • @Ashutosh There is no DCA applied on any action, as this action is not even in any of new UX page.

  • @Aniruddha The list has parent child relationship? If Yes, the first select the parent in which u need add item and then click on create action.

  • @Ashutosh Thanks, I think you got this right. Yes, This list has parent child relationship. But, parent list does not appear in dropdown while creating action, it is the child list that is appearing. How can I first select the parent in which new item has to added.

  • @Aniruddha For That First u need to publish the module or might be you have already module published in the dashboard which is dimensioned by the list where u want to add item. So First from that module u can select the parent and then click on create action. Hope that will work.

  • Aniruddha
    edited June 2023