Time based IRR Calculation

Hi All,

I've list of transactions and data is day wise. I need to calculate IRR on time basis . I want calculate IRR on day basis and at the end the summarized level IRR i.e Quarterly, Yearly. Also I want to calculate Asset wise and fund wise IRR.

Can anyone have idea about how to do it? For your reference please find the below screenshot.

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  • Hi Ashutosh,

    Have you tried applying the IRR function


    Looks like the IRR with dates function is what you are looking for. Make sure to dimension the module with Anaplan time

  • Hi @anirudh . Thank u for Response. Yes I am using the day as time scale and calculating IRR. But I am not able to limit the dates. So IRR is not calculating as expected. As you see below.

    Let me know if any other inputs requried.

    Thanks in Advance


  • Hi - can you share the blueprint view with formulas?


  • I read this as you need a moving IRR based on transactions to date.

    I have had the same issue and solved it by having 2 lists ( 1 transactions list and 1 a monthly period list). each time period is mapped to a transaction and a monthly period in my source module with time dimension

    Then I have created module without time dimension using both lists (blue print attached)

    then using the 2 cumulates i can determine which cashflows and relevant dates to bring against each transaction. Then use the IRR with dates calculation to provide am IRR by transaction using the monthly period list. ( see screen shot of IRR calculated by transaction)

    In calculation module you can then lookup the transaction number mapped to a time period to provide IRR by time period ( see IRR by period in attached)

    hopefully this works for you