Remove Limit for List Reset Index

edited June 2023 in Modeling

Hello Everyone,

I saw a new update that user can reset the list index and allows users the discretion to reset their lists at any point on the basis the list is empty. But this "Reset" option is disabled for me.

Can anyone suggest when is this "Reset" option is enabled?

Many Thanks!


  • Hi,

    You can reset the index to 1 anytime when the list is empty. As a note maximum index is 999,999,999 so with this list you don't need to worry about resetting the index in a while.



  • Thanks @pyrypeura for your response.

    So if I understood this correctly, when my list index reaches 999,999,999, automatically "reset" will be enabled for me.

    Many Thanks!


  • Hi @Swarupa_1,

    You can reset the list index anytime when your list is empty even before it reaches 999,999,999.