I'm currently working on a project on which each entity needs to input their forecast for the current and the two following months each month.

In the input module, in addition to time dimension and the list of the entities, i created a new list with three items : M M+1 M+2 to store the data each month.

However on the template i would like to have the name of each month (which would change dynamically according to the current period), rather than M M+1 M+2. But i cannot find any way to have a dynamic "Display Name"

Example :

Current period : June

With current list: M M+1 M+2

With "target" list: June July August

Current period : September

With current list: M M+1 M+2

With "target" list: September October November

Did anyone face the same issue ? Or maybe that is not an available feature yet ?

Thank you for your help,


  • Hi,

    you can have your display name property to be driven by a formula. In similar cases I usually develop logic for dynamic naming in a module and then refer values from the module in formula of display name property of the list.