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Hi all I'm having some weird numbers on month over month rate calculation that I did. I tried to use Formula for the summary method but it throws me this error below:-

I'm not sure if the issue lies in the formula or the summary method. With calculations like this using PREVIOUS() what is the best summary method to use.

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  • BenjaminNiel
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    Hi @innocent,

    What is the "Revenue Per Day Acts" data type?

    If it is not a %, then, here, numbers and % are mixed in the same formula. In other words, the amount after the 3rd "THEN" (the pink one) is not a % but a "regular number" while the results after the "ELSE" are %.

    Depending on the business logic behind, changing to PREVIOUS(Change MoM) after the 2nd "THEN" could be an idea.

    By the way, some tips to improve the performance:

    • the same PREVIOUS calculation is done 5 times which makes Anaplan do the calculation 5 times. Instead, you could have a separate line item with the PREVIOUS formula and reference it in Change MoM
    • it seems that the results after the 2nd and the 3rd "ELSE" are the same so you should be able to remove an IF statement if you play with the conditions
    • "SUM" Summary is usually not the best summary method for % but it depends on the business logic
    • you cannot use Formula summary with Previous function, good workaround explained here:

    Hope this helps!