What is this error?

Import data into the P3 SKU list from a saved view:

  • Use Build SKU saved view in SYS12 SKU Details module.
  • Verify the source to target mapping before running the import.
  • P3 SKU list is a member of the product hierarchy; assign the appropriate parent data.


  • Hi @SindhuKK ,

    Can you share us the details on how are you importing(mapping details)?
    So that it will help us to solve your question quickly.


  • Hi @SindhuKK,

    Meanwhile, check in your saved and action are like below :)

    Hope this helps :).


  • @SindhuKK

    Give this a shot, run the action again and when you get the above failure, click on the Details tab to see which member has the issue. That will help to see what the actual issue is.