Copy data from one item to another item by cloning

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  • AjayM

    Hi @143kishornaidu ,

    May I know what your source module data is dimensioned by? I assume it's similar to that of target module. If that's the case, I don't understand the requirement here.
    You can copy data from one list item to another, but if you have two dimensions involved in this copying, then it has to be either sequential copy (respect inp module first and then inp module2 or vice versa), or the source data is not dimensioned by both dimensions.

    Consider below example, and help me with your expectation please:

    In this example, first column represents source data. Second column represents data after copying, based on respective input. Third column represents pivoted view of data after copying, for comparison purpose. As you can see, data after copying doesn't match, because we are giving two different types of copy inputs for the dimensions.



  • Hi @143kishornaidu,

    This may be a the potential solution to your query.

    The native "Bulk Copy" action feature within Anaplan allows a user to copy ALL data for an item from a specific list to another item in the same list in the entire model. Note, however, that this function will copy data from the selected source list item into the target list item regardless of whether the user has write access to the target item or not. Also, it copies ALL data (e.g. for all versions, months where used in the module) in all modules where the list item it used.

    If this does not solve your query, please provide more details on what you want to achieve and provide any snapshots that might help explain it further.

  • anirudh
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    You can simply refer the line item which you want to copy in the new line item (formula reference) and then remove the formula. You can even do this in ALM models, just push 2 revision tags