Find earliest date and latest date in a non time dimensioned list



I've got a module, dimensioned by a list (numbers), and line item with the dates of various cashflows. This module is not dimensioned by time.

How do I find the minimum value i.e. 23/04/08 and max value?

Any help is appreciated,



  • Hi @CommunityMember113484,

    I see 2 ways to reach this:

    1. Add a top level to your list

    In General List, you can add a Top Level to your list

    Then, add 2 line items "Min" and "Max" referencing "Date" but with the appropriate summary method

    And the result:


    2. Create a dummy list and use MIN/MAX aggregation functions

    Create a list with only 1 item

    In your module, add a line item, dimensioned by the Dummy list and equal to the Dummy list item

    In another module, dimensioned only with Dummy, reference the Date line item and use the MIN/MAX functions

    And the result:

    Hope this helps!