How to get Access to workspace for model building

Hi Team

I want to develop my skill set in Anaplan, thereby want to enroll for Level 1 Training. Here I can access/look at the training content but I don't have the workspace access to build the models.

Please help me with this, as I have been waiting for a long time to get WS access for model building.

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  • Hi @Mangesh,

    Nice that you want to improve your Anaplan skills!

    If your company uses Anaplan, there should already be a WS admin (within your organization or an external consultant). You can contact him/her to give you the WS admin rights but note that extra license costs could be associated.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi Benjamin, thanks for your response.

    But here I am looking to complete certification outside of any organisation's ecosystem.

    I mean, it would be under "Talent Builder Programme Independent". For that, I do not have any WS access to build models.

    So could you please help me get WS access?

  • Following this thread as an outsider who wants to practise

  • Hi @Mangesh ,

    Seems 90 days free trail link is not working now.
    Try emailing to "Anaplan Academy" [email protected] with your query
    They can help you with further steps.

    Hope this helps:)


  • Sure, Thanks venki.

  • @Mangesh , Please let me know if it works. Do not want to spam Anaplan Academy with same emails from multiple sources