Level 2 Sprint 3


My models all got erased and then rebuilt but are lacking population of data in some areas. I have corrected most but

I cannot get P2 Products to populate, it won't give me the parent, same for P3 SKU. This is fouling things up further along in the process. I have it right in the Data Hub P2 Products and P3 SKU but it won't bring over the parent columns when I import the data, I have tried pretty much every combination to get things to work but no joy.

When I import I get a error that says parent is invalid. What am I doing wrong. This is becoming a real frustration to completing this level.

Thanks all.



  • Hi @MPWall ,

    As I can see from your screenshot, seems p2 product list has not built.
    Can you check whether P1 product Family and p2 product list has built?

    Screenshot:for P3 SKU mapping

    1.Populate P1 product Family.
    2.Populate P2 Product —> Parent should be P1 product family.
    3. For P3 SKU make P2 Product as Parent then import the list using above action.

    Hope this helps :).


  • MPWall

    The Data Hub file is correct, the SYS12 module in Data Hub is correct, the import still voids the parent in the import. Everything has parents assigned, but still won't import the parent when I import.



  • Hi @MPWall ,

    can you share us the error for which parent your getting kindly share the error log file and also send us the general list screenshot.