How to calculate across Hierarchy

Hi, I'm having a hard time trying to resolve the following:

I have a module "Planning Approvals" that is dimensioned by Brand

Another Module "SKU planning" that is dimensioned by SKU. (SKU rolls up to Brand)

  • Within SKU Planning module, I have a Boolean line item "Line Item 3" that compares if Line Item 1 = Line Item 2.

From SKU Planning Module (Brand level) I need a Boolean line item that resolves FALSE if at least 1 of the SKU within that brand in the Module SKU Planning (SKU level) is FALSE (Line Item 3 = False) or TRUE is all SKUs within that Brand are marked as TRUE in Line Item 3.

I have tried referencing directly Line Item 3 from SKU Planning Module but it resolves TRUE in all brands even when some Line Item 3 values are FALSE in SKU planning.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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  • rob_marshall
    Answer ✓

    assuming Skus rolls up to Brands, change the summary of the boolean to All.