Time setting : Calendar


Hello everyone, I have developed a time setting module that utilizes the calendar month, quarter, and year

. This module provides me with information about the number of days I work in a given month (picture attached). Now, I would like to determine the number of days I work in a week, taking into account that my week starts every Monday. My question is whether I can achieve this using the same module, or if I should utilize another calendar specifically designed to incorporate weeks as a time scale.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi @SAtrane,

    The easiest way would be to include weeks in your Model Calendar settings and use another module dimensioned by weeks to count the number of days.

    However, if you don't want to do it, here is a good workaround:

    1. Create a list from 1 to 7

    2. Create a Mapping module dimensioned by the list to check the number of days backward and forward you have to sum to have the total of the week

    3. In your main module, enter these line items & formulae

    For example, if you are the 3rd day of the week, it will sum up the number of working days from D-2 (i.e the 1st day of the week) to D+4 (i.e 7th day of the week)

    4. And check the result

    Here, the week of the 3rd Jan 23, you worked 4 days and the week of the 10th you worked 7 days.

    Hope this helps!