error Invalid date or timescale identifier



I have this message "Invalid date or timescale identifier" when I try to import a data file.

The date format in the file is : 30/06/2020 for example.

Unsuccessfully, I tried to fix whith a "Custom fixed-position pattern" DD/MM/YYYY.

Any idea? Thanks a lot :)

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  • andrewtye
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    Hi @CaroleBPRI

    It might be to do with the timescales in data file vs the model - more "time" in the file vs the model. Or there's something in the file that Anaplan "thinks" is a date but really isn't. So a column that's a property field for instance but because columns are time it gets a bit confused.

  • BenjaminNiel
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    Hi @CaroleBPRI,

    I see 3 reasons why you could have this error:

    • The time range of your source file/module and the target module are different. Ex: you try to load data from 2020 in a module that starts in 2021
    • The import mapping is not correct. Ex: you map the time dimension with the product one
    • The timescale in the import action is not correct. Ex: you map DD/MM with MM/DD. Or you map Days while your module is dimensioned with Months

    Could you share your import mapping, the timescale you used, and the error file so that we can pin point the cause of this error?

    Thanks and I hope this already helps!


  • Thanks Benjamin and Andrew; indeed, I try to load data from 2020 in a module that starts in 2021. I forgot that point in my test

  • @CaroleBPRI - been there, done that, got all the t-shirts! glad that it was something simple.