Level 2 Sprint 1 Model Builder


I have tried everything. My question is, when I download the supply chain model- When I zoom in on model map, it has "supplied by" instead of "distribution center" so when I go to import my list, I am unable to map it to distribution center as it doesn't exist in the SYS08 SKU Details module. I am confused how it is wrong when I just downloaded it, I do not know if it is populating from the data hub model, but if it is, I checked my P3 SKU and saved views in the data hub model and they all seem correct. Does anyone know how to resolve? attached pdfs

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  • Venki9902
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    Hi @BaileyAnderson30 ,

    Try Mapping the distribution center to Supplied by in the SYS08 module make sure supplied by list formated(list subset of location).

    Hope this helps :).