Where is the data coming from?

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There is an error in the data in the spoke so I looked and the the spoke indicates that the mapping came from this module in the Data Hub. However, the data isn't flowing through in the Data Hub but is coming through in the Spoke. Is there anywhere else I can look? I've tried pivoting the view but no data pulls through at all.


  • Misbah

    I doubt. You can not have formula in the model referring to anything outside the model. If it is formula driven it has to come from the same model. For example in your case everything including Data and Mapping is coming from DAT05 module of the same model.

    You need to either look at the granular levels of your dimensions to see if the data is flowing or

    you can turn the summary to "SUM" instead of NONE.

    Hope that helps,


    Miz Logix

  • Thanks for your response @Misbah.

    Turning on SUM in the DH worked!