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Hello everyone, I require your assistance with a module I have created. Module 1: Forecast per month, taking inputs such as the forecasted quantity and the number of working days in a specific month. The result obtained is the CMJ (quantity consumed per day).

I have also developed Module 2: Forecast per week . It takes the quantity consumed per day from Module 1 and multiplies it by the number of working days in a week. However, I am encountering difficulties in obtaining the desired results. I have attached a picture for reference. Could you please help me identify the problem ?

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  • Venki9902
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    Hi @SAtrane ,

    Seems your modules have different time, module1 in month and module2 in weeks.
    Hence use the monthvalue function to fetch the data from module1.
    you can use monthvalue(Module1.lineitem)* module2.lineitem

    Hope this helps :).