please help to solve 7.2.3 Activity: Import Data into Employee Details Module


i tried to import the data from the file

  1. mapping:

1)column 2:Code to E2 Employees;

2)(Column Headers) to SYS08 Employee Details

  1. E2 employees#: Shall i choose match on names or codes?

3. SYS08 Employee Details Line Items:

Shall i also choose Match on names or codes?

and for Start Date and Leave Date we need to correct the format

what format shall i use? Y-M-D? or D-M-Y? or Y/M/D?


  • Hi @Olga2023 ,

    To answer your question:
    1.Yes use the code to import the data as E2 Employee# is numbered list it always best practice to use code.
    2.As per your screenshot start date and the end date has YYYYMMDD, did you use the format?

    Choose map items manually and select commision% also and seems you created active? line item in your module, create and try to upload the data again?

    Hope this helps :).


  • thank you so much!

    it looks like it worked but i still have some fails. may be because of the Department which i included in mapping,

    but i tried to put ignore for Department, still 111 fails for Leave Date.

  • Hi @Olga2023 ,

    Thats good to hear.
    As I can see for active? you have mapped the enddate due to which it is failing.
    Try to create one more line item in the module and name it as Active? then map the same.

    Hope this helps :)


  • thank you so much!