why is my formula not returning any values


I have a numbered list in Anaplan (#Job Profile) this list has a Unique Code for each of the members in the list. the list also contains property line items called "Comp Code" and "Comp Location"

I have data module that is being populated with Comp Code values and Comp Location values. What I am trying to achieve is to use these values in the data module to retrieve the Code of the list member.

I started with creating a "Composite Code" for the Comp Code and Comp Location in both the list and in the data module. (Attached blueprint)
Composite Key = 'Comp Code' & "_" & NAME('Comp Location')

I created a line item in the data module where I would retrieve the code of the matching list member of the composite key field:

Formula used: CODE(FINDITEM(#Job Profile, Connect Composite Key))

However I am not seeing any values being populated in the field. To check for syntax error, I exported the #Job Profile List and picked the composite key value from the data module, when I search the list I am able to locate composite key in the list. Any ideas why I am not able to see values populate? Attached blueprint of the list and the data module for reference.

Data Module:




  • Hi @Walker32,

    What is the unique code in the numbered list? If it's not similar to "Connect Composite Key", the FindItem will not work.

    In the FindItem function, you need to reference a text (here "Connect Composite Key") which is the same as either the list item or the code (and that's usually the preferred option with a numbered list). But, here, it seems that the text that you try to reference ("Connect Composite Key") is similar to a property ("Composite Key").

    Hope this already helps!

  • Thanks @BenjaminNiel - The Code of the numbered list is different from the Composite Key in the data module and the list.

    My approach was that because the "Connect Composite Key" line item in the data module is the same as the "Composite Key" property in the numbered list, i would be able to use that relationship to find the associated member of the list.

    Is there an alternative method of how I would be able to achieve this?

  • @Walker32, I found an alternative but it requires to create a specific list for the Composite Key.

    1. You have your Job Profile numbered list with the code and the Property "Composite Key"

    2. Create a Composite Key list

    3. Create a Job Profile SYS Module with the Code, the Composite Key property and the Composite Key from the list

    4. Create a Composite Key SYS Module to map with the Job Profile Code

    5. In your main module, you can now find the Job Profile code

    It works like this, hope that helps!