Export from Anaplan to cloud using bulk API

Is it possible to export the files from Anaplan to the cloud other than Azure, Google and AWS?

I believe by using Cloud Works API we can export only to Azure, Google and AWS.

My client's requirement here is not to use the on premise server for the exports from Anaplan. Primarily they have no on -premise server in their company and everything is on cloud.

So I have 2 questions here:

  1. If I use Bulk API, I am sure that we can export the files from Anaplan to on premise server. But can we export it to cloud?
  2. In precise, would like to know is there a way to export from Anaplan to cloud(Other than Azure, Google & AWS) without using on premise by any way?

Thank you.

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  • Badam
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    Hi @Kaviah,

    It is possible to export the data from the Anaplan to other clouds based on the Bulk APIs. It can be done in the following ways:

    1. Identify the Target REST APIs or any other form of APIs
    2. Identify where you want to host the integration functions, you can host them as microservices such as AWS S3 or Azure Functions or you can use dedicated servers
    3. Pick the respective language to write these integration functions
    4. Host in the respective servers

    The above steps keep the data entirely in the cloud itself. If needed any extra information, please reach out to me.

    If the above answer helps you out, please accept it as a solution, which motivates us to contribute more.

    Thanks & Regards
    Badam Anjani Prasad
    Matasma Digital Technologies


  • Hi @Kaviah ,

    Do you have any requirement like to which cloud you want to send the data?
    May be based on that we can suggest our thoughts.


  • Hello @Venki9902 ,

    Thank you for your response.

    Currently they have no visibility on the cloud which they prefer to choose and they are still exploring it. But definitely it is not Azure, Google or AWS.

    In the meantime, they would like to know the feasibility from the Anaplan perspective for my above questions. Based on the answers we provide, they will explore further.

    So, would like to know the feasibility of exporting from Anaplan to cloud other than Azure, Google & AWS.

  • Hi @Kaviah ,

    To connect other than these cloud system , Explore IICS once ,its a free trail we won't get many connectors.
    However it has lot of connectors which can help you with above two questions.

    This is just my opinion, other SA/MA can comment on this :).


  • Kaviah
    edited July 2023

    Hello @Badam ,

    Thank you so much for your response. And apologies for the delayed response as I was away for a while. This answered my question.

    So, I understand that we can get the data export from Anaplan to cloud using bulk API. Primarily we will get the response of bulk API as an octet-stream format that needs to be picked up further by the target system whatever we choose. Is that right? Please correct me or add your comments if any.

    Also, in line with this I have another quick query on the import side.


    Is it possible to load file from cloud like google drive (Other than AWS, Azure & Google big query) or any other SFTP to Anaplan using bulk API. (No Anaplan Connect).

    Primarily I am using the Postman to test the bulk API, and wondering is there a way to upload the file to Anaplan via postman rather than the local system?

    Thank you.