How to use Timesum function?


In Level 2 sprint i got stuck at Timesum function, please help me out

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  • Badam

    Hi Naresh,

    The Timesum function is used to aggregate values over a specified time range. It calculates the sum of a specified line item or expression for a given time period.

    1. Identify the line item or expression you want to aggregate. Let's say you have a line item called "Sales" that you want to sum over a specific time range.
    2. Determine the time range over which you want to aggregate the values. This can be done using time periods or references to time dimensions in your model. For example, you might want to sum the sales values for the past three months.
    3. Timesum(Line Item or Expression, Start Time Period, End Time Period)In our example, the formula would look something like this: Timesum(Sales, Current Period - 2, Current Period)Here, we are summing the "Sales" values from the current period minus 2 (two months ago) to the current period.
    4. Apply the Timesum formula to the desired target cell. This could be in a module or a dashboard, depending on your use case.

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    Badam Anjani Prasad

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  • sobaid

    Hi @NareshShahus , follow the syntax to levarage your formula creation in a target module(with no time dimension) where Line item to aggregate, Start period, end period can be mapped from source module,

    TIMESUM(Line item to aggregate [, Start period] [, End period] [, Aggregation method]

  • Hello, To assist you with the "Timesum" function in Level 2 sprint, I need more details about the specific problem or challenge you are facing. Please provide more information or specify the issue you are encountering with the "Timesum" function, and I'll be happy to help you with a solution or guidance.

  • Thanks for the info.