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Hi All,

I am having a module dimensioned with Time and a List 'New' with items 1,2,3,4. It has one line item named True or not? having boolean format. The requirement is that If boolean is ticked against one list item 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 , then automatically the boolean must be ticked for all remaining list items.

Screenshots attached might help.

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  • ankit_cheeni
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    Hi @princekokkera123,

    Excellent question! But may I ask why you are trying to do that?

    The simplest solution would be to add a top level to your New List and change the summary to ANY. Then use 'True or Not'[SELECT: New.Top Level] in a new line item. Here are screenshots for your help:


  • Hi @princekokkera123 ,

    create one more line boolean item without time dimension.

    For any of the list the list member you click the boolean option then in the true or not line item you can pass that boolean line item if any the list member clicked in the first line item then all the items will will automatically selects as true/ticked.

    Hope this helps.



  • @Venki9902 and @ankit_cheeni

    Thank you so much for the answers, I achieved it.

    @ankit_cheeni I have faced this question in an interview. I tried the way you said, But I missed selecting the summary to any that time. Thank you for advising me.

  • Hello,

    If you don't want to add a total to your list,

    here's another idea:
    Be careful with SELECT and hard coding