Regarding ALM


Hi All,

Can someone tell me how can we push development done by one model builder to prod model , when the other model builder's development is under progress and not finished. This is intended in order to meet the urgency of the requirement.

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  • Hi,

    You cannot select only one part of builds to push on prod environment. That's why you need to change working method:

    • for developments under progress related to a new scope: give none access to all objects (UX, modules…) for end users
    • for developments under progress related to evolution or bug fix: if you know they might have an impact or take a long time to build, make your build on copies of objects. This way you won't have any problem with emergency deployment

  • Generally, you will want to account for this as part of your governance processes. There is a good article with some options here:

    That said, while you will need to change your processes in the future, it doesn't really help you right now. Unfortuantely, there is no way to selectively deploy some changes and not others - ALM is an "all or nothing" deployment.

    You have couple different options available in the immediate term, depending on the complexity of each of the two changes.

    1. You can use the "back to the future" technique to implement the urgent change as a hotfix. This would be a good approach if the urgent fix is relatively simple and is possible to implement as a direct enhancement to the currently deployed model structure.
    2. You can "seal off" the non-urgent change so that it doesn't impact any end user functionality in the model, and then deploy both changes together. This would be a good approach if the non-urgent change is relatively easy to seal off. For example, if there are no UI or integrations built in yet, or if there are no major dependencies on the urgent changes. If there are minor dependencies, you can still erase specific formulas or delete page grids to remove them.