Reset Index number without affecting Data

Hey community members!

I'm facing an issue with resetting the index numbers for List A in my project, and I could use some guidance on how to solve it. Here's the situation:

I have a hierarchy consisting of three lists: A, B, and C. Currently, List A has reached its maximum index number. To give you an idea of the item counts for each list:

  • List A: 15,000 items
  • List B: 30,000 items
  • List C: 105,000 items

The challenge I'm facing is that this list is used across approximately 12 modules and extensively within various automation processes. Resetting the index number for List A is crucial for the proper functioning of my project.

I'm seeking advice on the best approach to reset the index numbers for List A without causing any disruptions to the other modules or automation processes that rely on it. Any suggestions, insights, or steps to follow would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all in advance for your help. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and solutions!

@Misbah, @ManjunathKN