Hello All,

I have a situation where I need to do a FINDITEM on a bit different situation.

I have one list called Org with codes such as 1001_AX_501, 1002_BX_503, etc.

Other list called CC with the same set of members, however, the codes are 1001, 1002.

In order to map them, I need to do a FINDITEM with some twist so that the items in the long code after the 1001, 1002 (ie the underscore and all) can be ignored.

How do I achieve this?




  • In order to achieve this we first need to extract the required code from Org code for CC(considering this will be always 4 digit) then we have to use that code to search for CC. Please check the screenshots attached if that is what you are looking to implement.

  • and if your cc code is not always 4 digits you can also use find to get that dynamic. Below are screenshots where find is used to control length of CC code.


  • khoonks

    Hi thanks,

    I was able to take this approach yesterday, however, not able to do the other way round.

    Trying FINDITEM, but not working.

    If you had to do just the opposite, where the short code would be on the left as the list and the long code would be as line item, what would you do? thanks

  • Hi,

    If you have cost center code how would you determine end part of your long code?

  • Are your Org with code are always unique for every cc codes ?