Import action not getting filtered

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Hi, I'm working on an approval process that should work as follows:

  • Global team take choose if SKUs in my product Hierarchy should be Kept or Disco. Module: OUT000_SKU Planning with dimension: SKU 9 Digit.
  • Global team click a action to send data to Regions:
    • Module used: INP000_SKU Planning Global Approvals; dimension Brand P1.
    • Within this module I have a line Item User Filter? to check which Brand is selected by the user and when making the import to send to regions, only one Brand is shown as expected.
  • Regional teams receive data in another Dashboard.
  • The regional Grid is dimensioned by SKU 9 Digit (Rolls up to Brand P1) and Region H1.
  • Regions should review and send back data to Global.
    • Module used to send data to Global: INP000_SKU Planning Regional Approvals Dimensions: Region H1 and Brand P1.
    • I have a line item User Filter? which checks the filters applied to the grid.
    • When making the import, I see that filter line item it's not been applied and shows everything: all regions, times, brands. How can I get this import filtered by my line item ?



  • AjayM

    Hi @JohanSmith ,

    If your requirement of sending data back from Region to Global involves only one lineitem, please make sure you select only that lineitem in the saved view and pivot it to pages preferably. From the snapshot, it appears like your view contains intermediate calculation lineitems, which you might not be intending to send back to Global.

    Also, if the 'User filter' works only on Region and Brand, then you should dimensionalise this lineitem to have only those dimensions and remove unwanted ones like 'Time'. I am suggesting this because your 'user filter' formula doesn't have any time related check. But if it includes a check like 'Send to Global Final' to be TRUE, then the 'user filter' should have time dimension too. In this case, you should pivot your view to have 'Time' in rows, for proper filtering.

    Finally, hope you have ensured summary of the filter lineitem is set to NONE.



  • JohanSmith
    edited June 2023

    Hi @AjayM, thanks for your answer, my saved view is filtered to check:

    • if It has not been sent to Global.
    • The User Filter? Line Item checks the Region and the Brand selected by the user.
    • The third filter is going to check if Global sent to Region, but that module in Global is only dimensioned by Brand, not by Region, how could I relate both? I think the confusion is here, trying to filter Regional Module with that third filter that goes to Global which has only Brand as a dimension.

    How to tell Anaplan that the SKUs in Regional Grid which have dimensions Region and Brand that those SKUs in that specific Regions should flow into a module in Global where the only dimension is Brand?