Given answer is not equal to my solution in Activity 7.2.1

The map and final solution are attached. Please help me to get the exact solution. The original solution is attached as original.jpg

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  • Puneeth H P
    edited June 2023

    Hi @debprasadisi

    The mapping looks like an issue. Just make sure to have the target line items list formatted.
    If the source Product Name is a list, then please map the "Product Name" to the "P2 Products" list. and map the 'Product Code' to 'Code' line item in the line item tab.

    Hope this solves your query.

    Puneeth HP

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  • Are you saying about the following mapping which I attached here? In that case also, the result did not match. The maps and result I get are attached here. The last snapshot is the desired result.