How to Make a Line Item Manual and Highlighted Yellow


Hello Anaplan Community! I have a question about adding new line items. When I add a new line item to a module in the backend of Anaplan, how do I know for sure the line item will be manual entry and shown highlighted yellow in the app page?

For example, in the screenshot below I inserted the highlighted line item and as you can see, you can input manual entries. But once I sync to PROD, how would I know it will appear like the line item "Investor Payments Made [Manual Input]" in the 2nd screenshot below?


  • Hi @wbroughton - this will depend on the the card configuration you are using for the UX page. I will make the presumption that your UX pages have multiple source models enabled to allow you to toggle between DEV and the deployed models - if not highly recommend you do so as this will be very helpful in your page development life cycle.

    If using a module view - you will need to ensure that the saved view of the module is updated to include the line item and the conditional formatting has been applied. Simply ensure the view aligns to what you would like displayed on the page and "Save".

    If using a custom view - within the UX page designer ensure you select "Dev" as the source model and open the edit dialogue for the card in question. Update show/hide selections for the line items (only needed if you have already hidden certain line items and now want to add a new one to the view), add conditional for the newly created line item, and publish the page.

    With both approaches, you have added a new structural element to the page views so thus once the revision tag is synced to PROD you will see the App pages updates in tandem.

    Hope that helps to clarify! Best Wishes,


  • @Tiffany.Rice Thanks for your quick response! I'm not sure if I'm following you 100%, so let me ask you this. I can see that we are using a custom view and I'm able to edit the card, but I'm confused on how it will let me know if the line item is manual or not. Could you explain that part for me?

  • @wbroughton - within the view editor, there is the option to Show/Hide certain elements (line or list items) to display within the rows or columns. If the that icon shows a blue line underneath that indicates you have applied a customization to the view - by opening the click the icon and selecting line items I can then see which items are being included in view and select additional if needed.

    As a picture is worth a thousand works see below for a quick example of a custom view where only one line item is being displayed.

    As a best practice any time you are updating modules that are tied to existing App pages, you will also want to review those pages to ensure the views align with expectations. If the view from the DEV model meets your expectations then you should see a seamless transition when the revisions are promoted to PROD.

  • @Tiffany.Rice Okay I think I may be following better. So for instance, if I wanted to include the line item "Investor Payments Applied to Earliest Outstanding", I will tick the box and when I apply it, it should appear as a manual entry and highlighted yellow? In other words, it will be similar to the highlighted line item?

  • @wbroughton - you're nearly there. Step 1, show the line item. Step 2, add conditional formatting. See this article for some additional information on how to apply conditional formatting to a line item in the UX:

    With regard to the highlighted line item you have in your screenshot - conditional formatting was applied to that line thus why you are seeing a different format applied then the other lines (take a look at that line item and replicate the setup for your newly added line).

    By default when an "input" or manual, as you are describe it above, line item is added it will display with a white background and a light purple text color. Conversely a read-only line item will display with a light gray background and black text. By adding conditional formatting to a line item you can change the background color to any of your choosing.

  • @Tiffany.Rice Thank you so much that did it!! How do I have the hyphen in there for the manual line item? Is it in conditional formatting too, because I was looking for it but don't see it.

  • @Tiffany.Rice Actually you can disregard that, I figured it out. Thank you again!!

  • That is line item formatting - in blueprint mode of the module you need to update the "Zero Format" to display a hyphen rather than a zero.

    Check out this micro learning lesson that may help to understand the formatting options for a line item:

  • @wbroughton - glad you were able to get squared away!

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