Get first & last date in list of data



How can i get the first and last date in my list based on the time it was created?

I need to have a boolean to get the :

First Date = 05/30

Last Date = 06/15

See below illustration of my data set:

Thanks in advance for helping.


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  • anirudh
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    Hi Tom, is there a top level on this list?

    Also in the line item where you are creating an IF statement to leave blank the lines, instead of blank condition fill it in with this instead:

     IF 'Date Created (Time)' = Min Time THEN DATE(2100, 01, 01) ELSE 'Date Created (Time)'

    This should eliminate the first minimum value and then you can use the new date column to calculate the next minimum. The 2100 year will never trigger your min logic

    Let me know if this makes sense


  • I am now able to get the data i need using MIN and MAX function.

    My next problem now is when i create an IF Statement to leave blank those lines i don't need, the MIN becomes Blank.

    Any function i can use to get the next min value?



  • Thank you so much @anirudh - this works !

  • anirudh

    Lovely! Glad to hear it :)