UX Time Filter based on user selection

I am curious if there is a way to filter TIME dimension based on USER FILTER.

This is the use case.

I have module that has ORG dimension and Time.

In the UX Page, we have Time as page selector and ORG in rows. There are some line items, for example Active/inactive, code, member name, etc.

I would like a field to be available in the UX page, so that Users can select a month, based on which the time dimension member is active (filtered), so if the user selects May, it should populate the active ones based on May, etc. Note that, each user would need to be able to select different month, so the module for user selector should have User list.

Any suggestions?


  • Hi,

    To achieve this you would need to have your reporting module dimensionalised by user so you can do lookups by user.

  • anirudh
    edited June 2023

    Hi khoonks,

    Yes this is pretty easy to achieve

    Create a module dimensioned by time and users. Line Item is a boolean formatted checkbox with no formula

    Then go to your destination module and switch to the Time tab and apply the filter you created in the previous step

    Let me know if that works! You can of course apply this filter in the NUX custom view too. You may also apply it on the page selector following this screenshot. I do believe the user will have to do a hard refresh (browser refresh via F5) on the tab they are using to update the page level selectors in NUX