How can I go get an old account number?

Hello Anaplan friends,

I have an issue that I just can't figure out. I need to switch account numbers since our project is getting new account codes.

  1. I have a conversion table from old account to new account. (100 - 100100)
  2. I created a list for the new account and Properties module.
  3. Now I want to have a reverse lookup where I can go get the old account number based on the new account. (100100 should have 100 in Old Account line item)

How can I get to this? I feel like this should be simpler that I'm making it.


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  • @DeepakK

    First question, is it 1 to 1 or is there a range of old accounts that go to one new account?

    If it is 1:1, in the new properties module with the new account list as the Applies To, create a line item named Old Accounts. Now, you can do a lookup to get the old accounts from this properties module.

    If is many to one, let me know and I can see what I can mock up for you.


  • @rob_marshall

    That's what I'm trying. It's a 1:1 mapping. But how can I create a lookup on the new Properties module? I can only create it on the original Account properties.

  • @DeepakK

    Ok, I mispoke with the "new" piece…In the current Properties module, can you not create a new line item for the old Accounts?

  • So you can see the old Center properties module has a "New Center Num" item. I used that to create the new list for Switchover

    Here is properties module with the new Center unique key. How can I get that Old code populated? I have a lookup in the original module above into the new one.

  • @DeepakK

    In your picture, is the RWNY.1 and RWNY.22 the "old" account?

  • @rob_marshall

    Sorry, should've been more clear. Also, I meant Center, not account.

    RWNY.1 - Old Center - maps to 101000

    I created a new list and properties module based on that.

    RWNY.101000 - New Center

  • @DeepakK

    Did the above help?

  • @rob_marshall

    Yes, I just got it working. I was using the wrong format when I tried last night. This is a brilliant solution! Thank you so much. Now I can use that Old code to look stuff up against.

    I don't quite understand why that FIRSTNONBLANK works. But I'll do some more study on that once I complete my tasks.

    Appreciate you!

  • @rob_marshall

    What if it was many to 1 mapping? What would I have to do differently? I might have to do this again with another list.

  • @DeepakK

    Don't think you can do it the other way as it is 1 to many because how would it know which one to get?