Multiple selector filter not working for other users


Hi team,

I have a module on an app page that I am trying to set up for users. the main module is called risk and opportunities. its dimensions are cost centre l2, account l3, time and version.

There are 6 system modules for users to control the filters. they are cost centre l1, cost centre l2, account l2, account l3, years and months.

The user selects the l1 cost centre, which filters the available list for the l2 select. the same goes for accounts. these all works as intended and their dimensions are their respective list and users (no time or versions). you can see below the app page with the filters working on the grid barely visible in the bottom.

The bottom grid is a saved view on the risk and opps module with filters regarding the above system modules.

My problem is the filters only work for me. when i make selections the grid below updates accordingly.

For everyone else, they can see and select the filters, but no matter what they select, the below grid is blank.

What am I missing to have the grid update according to the individuals selection on the filters?


  • Hi @MatthewWilcox,

    Did you compare your access of yours with others once?

    Hope that might solve your issue.

    And if filters need to be user-specific, can you also use the users dimensions to select the filter criteria?


  • Hi Venki,

    I have identified the issue. for some reason the lower level filters are not updating the user dimension. all 4 modules have identical settings. any ideas whats causing this? (Identified by adding the user as a label)

  • AjayM

    Hi @MatthewWilcox ,

    Since your selection modules on the top of the page are dimensioned also by users, the filter(s) that are applied to data grid must be dimensioned by users, to respect the selection by each user. Please check your filters on the data grid, and share a snapshot if possible.
    As Venkatesh mentioned, also check user access settings, which might include selective access differences, role access differences between yourself and end users.