Calculation based on the cell value



  • Hi @143kishornaidu

    It's not clear what you exactly need. It would help if you could elaborate more


  • @143kishornaidu Yeah require more information. But at a high level you can do 2 things.

    A. Create combination variables as a list and Year would be just one calculation

    B. If combination variables are specific calculations then so can't be a list and you want to apply a generic formula for list, e.g. "If NO column < 45 then same year else next year". You can achieve this by creating line item subset against the module. But you will need to do a few other things.

    1. In your module, populate "Code" column with a unique value. In the example below I used the name of the line item as code but you can choose any unique id you want. You may not require it but just in case you need to refer back to it in some other module you have
    2. Create a lineitem subset against the module (refer to screenshot below)
    3. Open the line item subset and select all the line items you want included in the year calculation
    4. Create a module against the lineitem subset
    5. Then apply the formula below

    6. Resulting values are as follows: Doesn't really match your example as your example isn't really complete in the year calculations

  • Hello @TristanS @143kishornaidu

    Point 7 is missing, in which we do a LOOKUP: to find the n+1 combination.