Using Bulk Copy for Custom Versions list(Production List)


Hi Community Members,

We are using the custom versions list in our model and looking to utilize the Bulk Copy functionality. Since a human will not have workspace admin in production, we were looking to create a Bulk Copy Action but it only works on the non-production list.

Does anyone else have an alternative solution?


  • Hi,

    Its not clear to me why a copy action (import..) wouldn't work with a production list. Can you provide more detail?



  • Hi Paul,

    When you try to create a Bulk Copy action, it would only show non-production lists in the drop-down.

  • Could you have version list as non-production list, create new versions and edit the bulk copy action in dev and then promote these to production when new versions needed? Not optimal but would tackle the problem

  • I'm a little lost, sorry. Are you trying to create this action in Production? (I've never had a case where I've created an action in production… I've always created actions in DEV and synchronized them).