How to populate a line item using formula with correct time scale in weeks.


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I have two modules SYS9 Last year sales in which I have uploaded values by importing data and other module SYS10 FY22, FY23 & FY24 sales in which uplift value or % which is applied on previous sales value to give the future year sales value.

In SYS10 module I have a line item Previous Year week through which FY22 sales value is fetched.
So how can we populate Previous year week line item using formula such that all the last year week must correspond with the page with current year.

eg. - in pages it is Week 5 FY23 so all the cells under Previous year week should be Week 5 FY22

For Week 6 FY23 all the cells under Previous Year week must be Week 6 FY22.

Best Answer

  • anand.shekhawat

    Hi @PrateekS

    You could achieve this by using a simple Lookup on Time. So, follow the below steps

    1. Create a line item called as 'PY Week' in your target module
    2. Write a formula to display the previous year's week
    3. Now pull the data by using Lookup on the 'PY Week' line item. ⇒ Sourcemodule.Data[LOOKUP:PY Week]

    I hope it helps,



  • hello @PrateekS,

    How would you like to manage the 53- or 52-week years?
    If an N-1 year has 53 weeks, where do you place week 53 in the 52-week year?
    And vice versa, in the 52-week year, where should week 53 be placed?

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