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When in the actions area, there are a couple of different tabs and I've performed some changes previously in terms of updating source models, etc when we have archived old ones, however I would appreciate guidance when looking between Import data sources and Import tabs - I've added elements to Import Data Sources, how do you then utilise these in the Imports tab?


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  • rob_marshall
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    If I am understanding your question correctly, you have it a bit backwards in that when you update the Import tab, that will feed the Import Sources.

    Import Tab - updating the Source Label

    Will feed the import Data Sources tab

    Which will then feed the screen when choosing a source when creating an import action

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  • Hello @ChrisMcCarthy

    I understand you've added a new "Import data source". Now you need to import this source into a module or list (Data, import):

    Otherwise, as soon as you do Data => Import, from a new file/module view, then a new "import data source" will be created automatically.

    Finally, let me add this:

    The "Imports" tab is used to view the "source label" (next tab), the source and target of an import, and to activate "production data".
    And the "import data sources" tab is used to view the "source model" and also to activate "production data".

    In these two tabs, you can: rename the actions (in the Import tab) or the source (in the "Import data sources" tab).
    You can also modify the mapping in the "Imports" (and "Actions") tabs, and manage the source in the "Import data sources" tab (encoding, separators…).