Formula - not pulling anticipated results

Currently attempting to pull data from a calculation model that created into a separate module that we use to export data - essentially referencing using an export code and a currency conversion selector - which using the latter, should only pull one of the values , either "Constant" or "Latest" through, however it seems to be pulling both through.

You can see the element highlighted in formula below referencing constant, however in the values shown just below the formula it is bringing both back

The second screenshot is from the module trying to pull data from - with the highlighted value being what I would expect to pull through as "Latest"


  • @ChrisMcCarthy

    A couple of things going on in that calculation:

    • it will be better from a performance AND an understanding/debugging perspective to break the formula up. The way Anaplan works, whenever one of those fields changes, this entire calculation gets kicked off again, which isn't optimal. Will it "eat" more cells, yes, but it will also perform much better.
    • multiple times in the formula, you are doing a SELECT/SUM which is not optimal which could be leading to your issue
    • Also, where you getting multiple values from the same module (CAL04), do the addition/logic in CAL04 and just get the final number as this will decrease the total number of SUMs.


  • Thanks for the feedback Rob, much appreciated. I know you said the SELECT/SUM could be leading to the issue but I've tried just temporarily stripping the formula back so just have the one formula in there, although granted still with SELECT/SUM. Would you recommend raising a support ticket at this point for guidance?

  • axel.frot
    edited July 2023

    Could you try to make an intermediate line item in which you do SUM, and in this module EXP01, you do the SELECT?
    What happens?

    I'll reverse the SELECT/SUM to see what effect it has.