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Hello, wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem?

I have a business with 3 sites: A, B and C. This is captured in a 'Site' list in Anaplan, which contains 'Site A', 'Site B' and 'Site C'.

I've set up 3 user accounts for each of the 3 site managers, such that site manager A can only see Site A in the 'Site' list, site manager B can only see Site B and so on.

If I have a module where the dimensions are 'row list' (a list containing numbers 1 to 10), a line item formatted to site and other text formatted line items, is it possible to restrict access so that the Site A manager can only see 'row list' list items for which the 'site' formatted line item is set to 'Site A'?

If effect, if Site A manager were to access this module, input data against row 1 and then select Site List = Site A, is it possible to then make row 1 hidden from Site manager B and C?

I couldn't see that it was possible to do this with a read/wite access drivers

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  • @Tom_H

    In short, no as the read/write drivers (DCA) is at the cell level, not the dimension level.

    Could you possibly change this up and create a composite list with 10 rows under each site? If you do that, then you can take advantage of Selective Access.

  • @Tom_H To hide the actual rows you would need to use a filter. But there is a way to hide the contents of the rows via Dynamic Read access in case your users have access to the filters and remove the filters. Below are the ways you can

    1. Create a access driver module to the sites (as per below)
    2. Select the sites each of the users should have access to

    3. In your row list module have the following line items and formulas. Note: there a DCA on the site line item.

    4. Add a filter to the module

    Final result is as follows:

    Without filter applied you get this

    If I remove the read access driver on the site line item I get this