Changing parent in numbered list


In this numbered list if we select Parent from the drop-down list the department(parent) of the selected employee will change and will be reflected in all the module that has referenced this List.
How can I make an action to publish it on the dashboard where the user can change departments for the employee, should I create any boolean filter for this and what sort of formula do I use? Any kind of hint will help.

Thank you in advance!

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  • 1636583
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    1.Create a module with employee list

    2.Take a line item to select parent(department format)

    3.Make an import action with respect to code from module to employee list

    4.Publish module view(saved/custom) in front end to give provision for the user to select employee-department relation

    5.Publish that action created in step no 3 in front end

    Note: make sure that user needs to run that action after every change in the employee-department relation

  • axel.frot
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    You can use a worksheet :

    This avoids the need for actions, view creation, etc.


  • @1636583 Hi, Your solution works but shows few error.

    as the system tries to update all the child members with their parents. But I want to update only one or two at a time, so am I supposed to use DCA so that the import action runs for only those selected members? If yes please let me know do I apply dynamic cell access here.

    Thank you for your help in advance!

  • If you go through an action, then you have created a saved view, then you should apply a filter to this view and therefore you have a Line Item with the formula "current parent <> new parent".