List Naming Conventions ?


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  • anand.shekhawat

    Hi @RonyMegeri

    Kindly follow the mentioned link to get an idea about the naming conventions

    Focusing on List naming conventions you can follow the below pointers that I would recommend

    1. Name the list in such a way that it clearly displays the purpose
    2. Keep the names short and informative
    3. Whenever you have a Parent-Child hierarchical list, include a number in it for Eg : G1 Geography, L2 Location, H3 Cost-Centre etc.
    4. Prefix a numbered list with #
    5. Try to create empty lists as separators to create sections and properly organize the lists Eg : «««Cost Centre Hierarchies»»» , «««Employee Hierarchies»»»
    6. While creating subsets in the list make sure you prefix them with ss_ .Eg : ss_Active Employees
    7. While creating line item subsets, make sure you prefix them with ss_ .Eg : LISS_P&L Calculations

    I hope it helps,