Need assistance with custom view filtering

I have a % input dashboard that shows employees in the rows and locations in the columns. The dashboard is filtered based on user selection in the grid above it for balancing unit and cost center. I have another dashboard where users can select which locations they want to see as active with their cost centers. I'm trying to get the % input dashboard to display only the locations that are selected for the cost center, but instead it's showing all locations that are selected with ANY cost center. See example below:

I have cost center OBGYN General selected. It displays multiple locations across the columns.

However, in my location selector dashboard, I only have location 10028 checked for this cost center. It's the only location I want to see across the columns when this cost center is selected.

My location selector dashboard is module ADM03 shown below…

Here is how I've set up the column filter for the % input dashboard in the custom view…

I've played with the summary methods for the Active Location? line item, and ANY is the only one that displays anything at all.

I'm at a loss here. Any suggestions? TIA!



  • TristanS
    edited July 2023

    @ahoshor Initially I thought something may have been wrong with the filter settings but after trying it out in a test model/app it looks ok. I'm assuming the Employee list is a child of C3 Cost Centre Rollup. If it is, it worked when I tried it. My suggestion is create a brand new UX page and try again and if it still fails then raise a support ticket with Anaplan.

  • The issue is that this module in your screenshot:

    Does not have the cost center dimension applied to it. You will need to create a line item with the same dimensions as this module and then try this formula:

    'ADM03 Location Selector by CC'.Active Location[LOOKUP: Selected Cost Center]

    The selected cost center should be the same line item as the yellow highlighted one here

    Then you may apply the filter in your custom view and the filter context will not show up.

    The alternative is to remove the cost center dimension from your boolean module and only select the location