How to upload file in postman while running a collection


Hi Team,

I am trying to import a csv file into Anaplan through API in Postman. When I am running individual requests and upload file in body(binary), it gets uploaded into Anaplan but while running the collection all together and putting file into collection runner, it is throwing error "500 Internal Server Error". Attaching the screenshots for the reference.


  • anirudh

    I'm confused by the screenshots; the last screenshot you shared has the status of 204 which means the file is uploaded successfully but then the other screenshot has a 500 error. Can you explain a bit more on what you're trying to do

  • Yes correct. When i am running all requests individually, it is working fine but when i am running whole collection all together it is throwing 500 error. While running request separately I have included file into the body of request as mentioned in screenshot 3 on the other hand while running the collection i have selected the file in the collection runner.

  • Hi @aamirkhan,

    I'd need more info, can you maybe share the flow (obviously without any variables or authentication).
    If not:

    • Are you sure that the URL is correctly generated? I guess that you are using first request to find it in the list of all files by the name - maybe something goes wrong there? And why you use this first request, if you know the ID (as you hardcoded it for manual run - and then it works)?
    • Or can you check if something is incorrectly written/retrieved from Postman variables?
    • Not sure why you need to complete the upload if you just PUT it in the single request to the server?

    For me everything works normally, no matter if I use runner or just execute single request.